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Giving Back to Your Community Is Good for Business

As part of our clients’ roles in serving their community, we encourage them to support their neighbors and create a give-back work culture. To that end, we partner with many of them to craft and implement campaigns that provide a direct way to give back.

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The Cornerstone Toolkit

As advertisers, we have a lot on our plates. Our agency handles the full breadth of client’s advertising efforts from broadcast to outdoor to social media. In order to best serve our clients and work together as account teams, we use a lot of tools to organize and educate us. While everyone has their favorites, they all come together to help us create lead-generating campaigns across platforms.

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2017 Digital Resolutions


Are you still looking for a resolution to make for the new year? Cornerstone has your digital resolutions to help you have a better digital presence.

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Welcome to The Age of Transparency and Your Business

company reputation

Like it or not, social media has become powerful enough to either ensure a business’s success or destroy it. I recently read a survey of over 300 executives conducted in 2014 by Forbes Insights. It revealed that 88 percent of them are focusing on “reputation risk”. If you aren’t familiar with the term, you should…

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