Broadcast TV

Television is your company’s giant megaphone.

Even with the increase in digital video providers, television is still the most effective advertising medium, and Cornerstone Advertising wants to put your company front and center. Combined with our other services of web development, social media, and inbound calls, we can help improve your TV advertising performance by increasing measurable impressions, leads and sales.

Let us handle everything from the initial creative to the writing, media placement and talent…all the way to the final measure so you’ll know the effectiveness of your advertising.

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Web Video

Cornerstone’s web video offerings run the gamut from customer education to public relations to internal training and motivation. No matter what your business requires, Cornerstone can create and assemble the assets to tell your story. Cornerstone manages every step of the production process: scripting, location shooting, post production, and distribution.

Client Commercials


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Website Design & Management

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