Why Your HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical Business Probably Won’t Hire the Marketing Director It Needs

Too many HVAC, plumbing, or electrical contractors spend their days chasing a never- ending to-do list and trying to match staffing with business levels. They see marketing as an annoyance and think hiring someone — anyone — to make all those little decisions will let them concentrate on the more important stuff.

Yet hiring a marketing director may be one of the worst business mistakes you can make.
There’s a better approach that will take all that marketing stuff out of your hands, help you better align staffing and business, sharpen your sales efforts, and create the constant flow of new customers your business needs to grow. It’s not a magic solution … and it’s worked again and again for dozens of your peers.

How the Feds Are Going to Help You Make This a Record Year

Washington wants homeowners to shift to electricity from other fuels … and to replace lower-efficiency electric systems with today’s best. So, they’re preparing to pay as much as $14,000 for those upgrades. That means once these incentives are fully implemented, you’ll be able to sell homeowners higher-efficiency equipment for less than what your basic systems cost them today – without sacrificing your margin!

Remember, when times get tough (like the 2023 economic forecasts suggest), consumers will begin to inherently look to short-term repair options for their equipment vs. long-term replacement. However, these two new and expanded federal programs give contractors a counter-balance to that short-term thinking and support new, and more affordable, replacement options to fuel top line growth for contractors who embrace electrification.

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