Two CEOs talk shop!

Our founder, Tracy Paul

Tracy Paul, founder of Cornerstone Advertising, has specialized in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electric contractor advertising for over 25 years.

Tracy spoke with Mike Layton, the CEO of Stochastic Marketing. Stochastic is a successful HVAC contractor consulting agency that helps HVAC companies spend their advertising dollars effectively.

Cornerstone Advertising does the very same, so, this interview was a perfect match!

The interview

Mike asked Tracy a series of questions about why contractors should consider advertising, what types of ads to place, and how a contractor can measure their success.

Tracy explained that, no, mass media advertising is not right for every HVAC company. Factors to consider include the size of the company, goals they want to accomplish, and market efficiency.

Tracy and Mike also spoke about negotiating smartly when buying radio or TV spots in different markets; buying the right zip codes for your company – often called “super primary” or “primary” zip codes; and the right audience for HVAC companies to target.

Tracy and Mike continued to talk about attention-grabbing tactics; the best kinds of offers and discounts; and how to build a company brand.

The most important thing to remember

For Tracy, branding is king. He provided an example of a client who was able to get top Google AdWords ranking for pennies on the dollar, all because of great branding that made customers click on their ads.

Lastly, Tracy and Mike talked about how to evaluate advertising success, and the most important things to look at that indicate a successful (or unsuccessful) campaign.

Listen for yourself!!

We are withholding some of the specifics, here, because this is a talk that you have to listen to for yourself, in order to get the full value.

Listen to this talk now, and see everything our founder Tracy has to say about advertising. It’s clear that both Mike and Tracy know their stuff when it comes to HVAC marketing, so listen up and take notes. You’ll be glad you did! If you have any questions, or if you need assistance in launching a successful advertising campaign for your HVAC company, call us at (317) 804-5640 or email

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