The Cornerstone toolkit

As advertisers, we have a lot on our plates. Our agency handles the full breadth of client’s advertising efforts from broadcast to outdoor to social media. In order to best serve our clients and work together as account teams, we use a lot of tools to organize and educate us. While everyone has their favorites, they all come together to help us create lead-generating campaigns across platforms.

Organizational Tools

With offices in Indianapolis and Austin, TX, connecting team members is a top priority. No matter where employees are located, we want them to have full access to all our files, reports, and the resources they need to serve clients. That’s why we use these great organizational tools.

  • Telegram for instant messaging
  • Skype for video meetings
  • BigStock for stock image options
  • Dropbox for easy document access
  • Google for editable documents and web analytics
  • Outlook for email and scheduling
  • 1Password for securing passwords
  • WorkZone for time and project management
  • ScoopIt for social media management
  • Cyfe for reporting and analytics
  • MailChimp for email marketing and analytics

Educational Tools

A huge part of marketing and advertising is not only knowing what is going in the world of advertising, but also the world that our clients live in and the changing digital landscape. We frequently participate in webinars and other informational sessions to stay up to date on best practices for our clients. These tools help keep us in the know.

  • TheSkimm for digestible news
  • Hootsuite Essentials for helpful webinars
  • Marketing Pros Pro for webinars and articles
  • AdWeek for wonderful articles and chats
  • Google Trends to track what topics people care about
  • Digital Marketer Lab for enhanced learning
  • Lynda for learning about a variety of topics
  • Agency partners for new areas of expertise
  • Coworkers for different skill sets

With so many tools in our box, it is easy to stay connected and at the top of our game. This allows us to help our clients reach their advertising and revenue goals. Tell us what tools you find the most helpful!

Katherine Faulk

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