HVAC marketing in good times and bad! (podcast highlights)

hvac marketing in slow seasons

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news from our founder, Tracy Paul, who recently appeared on the ACHR (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration) News Podcast. His insights were featured in an episode aptly titled, “HVAC Marketing in Good Times and Bad.”

It was a great opportunity for Tracy to represent Cornerstone Advertising on a very large platform!

Tracy’s interview with Kyle Garguiro, the editorial director of the ACHR News, delved into the nuances of marketing in this economic climate. Tracy elaborated on our philosophy here at Cornerstone Advertising ­– we are not just about digital or traditional advertising but also delve into the internal and external marketing aspects of the companies we represent. Tracy’s 30 years of industry experience shone through as he explained Cornerstone’s approach to marketing for the HVAC industry.

Good vs. bad economic times

The main theme of the discussion was to understand whether marketing strategies differ in good and bad economic times. Tracy explained that during periods of high demand, a company’s marketing strategy should focus on a combination of brand visibility and targeted online marketing.

This idea resonated when he said, “You know, when demand is high, what you’re looking at is, you know, being able to be both well-branded in the marketplace and you want to be visible for consumers who are looking for our product or service.”

The podcast also touched on how to reach customers inclined to replace rather than repair their systems. Here, Tracy suggested using demographics to identify potential customers who not only need the product or service but also have the means to purchase a new system.

Then, discussing the challenging economic times, Tracy emphasized the significance of having a robust customer base and utilizing it effectively during lean periods. He stressed that it’s crucial to work internally to maximize opportunities before investing in capturing market share. From “clover leaf marketing” to business cards, Tracy reminded listeners of the value of traditional, tactical marketing approaches that often fall by the wayside in good times, but really come in handy during the low season. (If you’re not familiar, “clover leafing” is a simple yet effective strategy, targeting the homes to the left, right, and across the street from a completed service call. You drop off tangible advertisements such as door hangers, business cards, or magnets, introducing your company to potential new clients in the immediate area.)

Where to invest in slow seasons?

In response to Kyle’s question on where contractors should invest during tough times, Tracy said, “We’re going to recommend doing some things that have both that mix of branding and lead delivery, to go ahead and satisfy the need to be the person you think of…when somebody types in air conditioning in their area and they recognize your name. Branding impacts bottom-of-the-funnel advertising like PPC. That’s what branding does…You’ve got to have a certain amount of lead delivery coming from a variety of sources.”

Tracy’s words in this podcast reflect the essence of what we strive to achieve here at Cornerstone Advertising. Our goal is to provide full-service marketing, and strategies tailored to the needs of our clients, regardless of the economic climate. This podcast was an excellent opportunity to showcase that!

Whether in good times or bad, the key is to stay focused, remain visible, and maximize every opportunity that comes your way.

If you’d like to know more about Cornerstone, and how we work as your outsourced marketing department to help grow your business, contact kerryf@cornerstonead.com. Or you can call (317) 804-5640  x108.

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